Catalyst Handling Services



Nico has been carryng out catalyst handling activies, such as loading, unloading, screening. With the use of modern and tested secure techniques, equipment and communication systems, our NICO technicians are able to work in toxic and/or explosive atmosphere. where maximum safety standards are required when it is necessary to have the atmosphere inert.

Main activities that are carried out in this sector are:​

  • Blinding equipment for the opening and closing of manholes;
  • Repairing, installing and removing internal parts whiting reactors and vessels (lining, grids, trays. plates, etc);
  • Totally and / or partially removing calysts from single bed or multiple bed reactors;
  • Screening of catalysts and inerts of all sizes;
  • Filling of catalysts into drums or containers ready for trasportation. 
  • Catalyst and Inerts Reactor Loading, including Sock and Dense Loading;
  • Recirculation of inert gas during catalyst unloading using a Vacuum and Cooling unit;
  • Internal inspections whit the use of use of digital color cameras equipped with monitors and digital recorders (dvr);
  • Passivation of the internal lining of reactors and vessels;
  • Personnel extensively trained for safety.
Technicians leveling the bed of inerts inside a reactor, breathing whit a full Life Support System
Catalyst unloading whit vacuum truck
Both Axial & Radial flow reactors
Technician leveling the bed of inerts inside a reactor

Catalyst Handling

Wet Dumping

Nico has been the FIRST Catalyst Handling contractor in Europe, and one of the one of the few worldwine who has worked jointly with EXXONMOBIL on the develpment of the “WET DUMPING BEST PRACTICE” and have already several year of experience whit these specific services.

Additional Services

The Flow Bins are containers, available in the abilities of 1 and 2 m, registered for the transport of dangerous substances and also of pyrophoric catalysts. The use of cuch containers, manageable and of great ability, allows, in the phase of the catalyst unloading, a notable saving of time, being possible, in the case of reactors with more beds, to unload from the same contemporarily.  

In the photo below we can see an example of unloading of a Reforming Reactor to three beds with the use of the Flow Bins. 
As it is seen by the image, the three beds are contemporarily unloaded, making possible a notable saving of time. In this particular case, the reactor has been unloaded employing twenty-four in less in comparison to the traditional unloading in drums.