Chemical cleaning services



For this sector, NICO I.S. employs highly specialized technicians and is equipped to carry out all activities in complete logistical autonomy. Safety aspects are handled with maximum caution: in particular, for the chemical cleaning of alkylation plants, NICO I.S. has the necessary knowhow and equipment to avoid the risks that can be encountered in the presence of hydrofluoric acid, and to neutralize and chemically clean the plant in a few days.

Main activities that we carry out in this sector:

  • Acid cleaning water side and alkaline cleaning fume side of steam generators.
  • Cleaning fume side of refinery furnaces also with on-stream system.
  • Acid cleaning of process equipment (exchangers, columns, receivers, vessels etc) both on water side and process side.
  • Internal cleaning with organic solvents of various equipment.
  • Surface passivation against damage caused by polythionic acids.
  • Chemical cleaning and degassing of tanks containing chemical products and hydrocarbons.
  • Degreasing and pickling of lines and equipment.

In this sector NICO I.S. has long term general contracts with several Italian refineries.

  • A2A ENERGIEFUTURE SPA (Ex EDIPOWER) (Thermoelectric Plant San Filippo del Mela (ME) )