Additional Services

ADDITIONAL SERVICES MECHANICAL BOLTING – TORQUING Nico I.S. offer mechanical works using bolt torquing and bolt tensioning techniques. We have qualified operators with many years of experience and operate according to the required quality specification and safety rules. We use the latest technology and equipment. Our technicians are trained and qualified by approved professional bodies […]

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning services SERVICE CHEMICAL CLEANING For this sector, NICO I.S. employs highly specialized technicians and is equipped to carry out all activities in complete logistical autonomy. Safety aspects are handled with maximum caution: in particular, for the chemical cleaning of alkylation plants, NICO I.S. has the necessary knowhow and equipment to avoid the risks […]

Mechanical & Plant Maintenance Services

MECHANICAL & PLANT MAINTENANCE SERVICES SERVICE MECHANICAL WORKS Nico’s specialist during controlled torque tightness NICO I.S. has the capability to make within the services offered the mechanical works like helbow / dumping nozzles removal / reinstallation using high skilled operators with latest technology tools. The technicians are rigorously trained by Hytorc and HTL (Hire Torque […]

Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial Tank Cleaning Services SERVICE TANK CLEANING For over 20 years NICO I.S. has been working in the tank cleaning sector using an innovative tank cleaning process called “NicoTank” for cleaning crude oil storage tanks through an automatic process suitable for cleaning all types of tanks (both fixed roof and floating roof tanks) and recover […]


Catalyst Handling Services SERVICE CATALYST HANDLING Nico has been carryng out catalyst handling activies, such as loading, unloading, screening. With the use of modern and tested secure techniques, equipment and communication systems, our NICO technicians are able to work in toxic and/or high safety standards are required when it is necessary to have inert atmosphere […]